Happy Birthday to Us!

The MetaOptima Team | Nov 09, 2015 | MoleScope Holidays Promotion

MetaOptima is officially 3 years old! To celebrate our birthday, we wanted to share some tips (and holiday discounts!) with all of our supporters.

For some it may seem too early to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we at MetaOptima like to plan ahead and avoid the stress that the holidays bring. As with many things in life, prevention is key.

Our tips for preventing holiday madness:

  1. Start Early: Christmas sales have started, so why don't you? Check out our holiday sales
  2. Be kind to yourself: Although the holidays are about giving, don't forget to give a little to yourself and find moments of calm within the seasonal storm.
  3. (Our favourite) Check your moles: regular skin screening is important year-round; don't let the holidays get in the way. Keep up those health routines from 2015 and start the new year strong.

This year, instead of putting your own needs on the back-burner next to the stove-top stuffing, plan ahead, and get started early to avoid the holiday rush.