Happy Holidays

Chehreh Hessami, BA&Sc | Dec 20, 2014 | Resources Holidays SkinCancer

As another year comes to an end, we often take time to reflect on the events of the past twelve months. Each year brings different feelings, adventures, challenges, and things to be thankful for. However, the one thing that remains constant year after year, is the appreciation we have for our loved ones and their unwavering support.

In light of this special time of year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few amazing people who are doing inspiring work in raising awareness of melanoma and skin cancer. The following is a collection of some blogs and support groups from around the world, who are sharing their story with the hope of helping others. For anyone who may need some words of comfort or encouragement this holiday season, check out these inspirational people and their brave stories:

Hotel MelanomaFacebook“Hotel Melanoma” is Rich McDonald’s metaphor for living with this particular kind of cancer. His blog reflects “an ongoing quest to find the good stuff and the funny stuff” that he has stumbled onto during his stay at The Hotel Melanoma
Black is the New PinkFacebookIn honor of his brother, Al has made it his mission to increase awareness of melanoma and the black ribbon campaign. Much like how breast cancer had to overcome ignorance in order to be noticed, Al hopes that by making “Black the new Pink”, he can help raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer
Melanoma RollercoasterFacebookImogen loves rollercoasters, but not this kind. While balancing, work, family, and taking care of her two kids, she started this blog to keep her support network updated on the rollercoaster ride that is melanoma.
Adventures with my Enemy MelanomaFacebookChelsea used to associate being tan with being beautiful. Now, a Stage III “Melanoma Diva”, she is determined to share her experiences with others and promote melanoma awareness.
Pretty in PaleIn her teens, tanning gave Katie a sense of control and confidence. After a melanoma diagnosis at the age of 23, she is now learning how to love the skin she is in, and sharing her passion for SPF with others.
Jillian’s Journey with MelanomaFacebookSusan Hayes created this blog in an effort to help raise awareness of melanoma, especially in young people. She writes about her daughter Jillian’s journey with melanoma, from a mother’s perspective.
Canadian Cancer Society’s Cancer Connection CommunityAlthough not a blog, CancerConnection.ca is an online community open to any and all cancer survivors and their loved ones. Community members can share their stories, experiences, and build relationships with others.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year from the MetaOptima Team